Evolutionary Genomics of Sex

New Preprint on meiotic drive and sex chromosome turnover

New reprint: Hoisted with his own petard: how sex-ratio meiotic drive in Drosophila affinis creates resistance alleles that limit its spread

What is the evolution, dynamics of meiotic drive and the Y-chromosome nondisjunction? Do they lead to Y chromosome loss and thus sex chromosome turnover?

Great teamwork from our fabulous lab technician Kistie Brunsell, undergraduates Emma Knoles and Murtaza Shoaib.


Figure 1. An overview of SR meiotic drive and nondisjunction rate in males in D. affinis.


Figure 2. Lower cost of XSR in females leads to oscillating allele frequencies. A) Representative trajectories for XSR and O with homozygous cost of XSR ranging from 0.1 to 0.9 (1000 generations displayed), B) The same data with ferquencies of XSR in females and O in males plotted on the Y and X axis, respectively (10,000 generations displayed).