Evolutionary Genomics of Sex

Paris and Wen-Juan gave a guest lecture on 'Sex chromosome evolution' at Université libre de Bruxelles

Paris and Wen-Juan was invited to give a guest lecture on Sex Chromosome evolution as part of 'Evolution' course by Prof. Karine Van Doninck. The course was given to the third year bachelor students at Université libre de Bruxelles.


Wen-Juan gives a research seminar at University of Basel, Switzerland

Wen-Juan was invited to give a seminar, entitled "Ecology and Evolutionary Genomics of Homomorphic Sex Chromosomes and Sex Determination" at University of Basel, Switzerland. The series of seminars are on 'Current Topics in Zoology and Evolution'.

The talk was well received, and many students were engaged in inspiring discussions on the exciting topics. It was also Wen-Juan's coming back visit after left Switzerland in 2018. Good to come back for a short visit and tried the classic Swiss reclette dish
😃 She also got beautiful art illustration of cichlid fishes as souvenir from the host Prof. Dr. Water Salzburger, who also showed her the impressive and massive cichlid fish collection and aquarium for all these beautiful study organisms. What a great day for research exchange and fun discussions during the drink and dinner time.

Wen-Juan gives a talk on IB2 research Day

IB2 - Interuniversity Institute of Bioinformatics in Brussels

IB2 Research Day 2023 took place in FWO building in downtown Brussels. It is a full day symposium focusing on various aspects of bioinformatics. It brings together researchers from all levels from VUB, ULB, and other related institutes, who are working or interested in using bioinformatics to answer research questions.

Here is the symposium link:

Wen-Juan was invited to give a talk, entitled "Ecology, Genetics and Evolutionary Genomics of Sex Chromosomes and Sex Determination". It was great to join the Brussels bioinformatics research club and exchange ideas and expertise