Evolutionary Genomics of Sex

Lab incoming postdoc Meriç PhD thesis received Honorable Mention Award

Happy to share that our incoming postdoc Meriç Erdolu's PhD thesis received the "Doctoral Dissertation Honorable Mention Award" by Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Society, Turkey. Congratulations!

Field sampling in Central America

A few of us have been travelling to Central America, i.e. Dominican Republic, Cuba, for field sampling of various robber frog species, funded by the ERC starting grant.

Not very easy condition but overall we had a quite productive and fun trip over there Happy Can't wait for what cool science and results coming from these samples!


Wen-Juan received travel grant

Happy to share that Wen-Juan has received an FWO travel grant to attend the CNRS - Jacques Monod Conference "Sex unfolded: sex, asex, sexes, Roscoff (Frankrijk)" in Roscoff, France in September 2023.