Evolutionary Genomics of Sex

Welcome the first postdoc of the lab Sagar!

The lab's first postdoc Sagar Shinde, after long waiting of permit and visa related procedure, finally arrived!

Warm welcome to join the team and we look forward to working and having fun with you in exploring sex chromosome evolution in frogs and beyond Happy

Wen-Juan gave a talk on Roscoff conference: Sex unfolded: sex, asex, sexes

Jacques Monod conference 'Sex unfolded: sex, asex, sexes' took place in a beautiful costal town Roscoff in west France. Wen-Juan gave a talk entitled "The evolutionary consequences, genomic signature and genetic mechanism of sex-chromosome meiotic drive". More than 100 people attending the conference with many experts in this field, and Wen-Juan certainly learnt a lot and wa s good to catch up with many colleagues and friends again 😃