Evolutionary Genomics of Sex

Two months of productive collaborations with Tatiana Giraud lab at University of Paris-Sud, Orsay, France

I took the flight back to Amherst, MA, USA, after a fantastic and productive two months period in Prof. Tatiana Giraud lab. Thanks very much, Tatiana Giraud and the whole team for hosting me! I had a really fantastic time and stimulating visit for the past two months. Looking forward to our further collaborations!

Gorgeous view of lab in Orsay, France!

The lab building when I left on 02. Oct. 2018, with the beautiful autumn colours!


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Excited to give a seminar on frog sex chromosome evolution at Department of Genetics and Ecology Evolution, Université Paris-Sud

Thanks so much for the opportunity! Thanks for the hosting by Tatiana Giraud and the whole team members. I am every excited to share and discuss my work on evolution of frog homomorphic sex chromosomes and sex-biased gene expression, at Seminaires IDEEV, department of Genetics and Ecology Evolution, Université Pairs-Sud. Thanks for the great discussions. Photo credit: Jade Bruxaux.

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