Evolutionary Genomics of Sex

My ERC Starting Grant has been awarded!

VERY thrilled and honored to receive an @ERC_Research Starting Grant (total 1.5 million euros)!Happy!

To further study unconventional
#SexChromosomes #SexDetermination #SexuallyAntagonisticSelection
Big thanks to all my fantastic mentors, collaborators and friends who made this possible


Currently I am on the process of deciding where my #ERCStG grant will be affiliated with. Hopefully soon I will provide an update. There will be recruitment on all levels (#PhD, #Postdoc, #Technician), please watch this space for further update Happy

Huge thanks for many #ERCStG laureates for their comments and advices, especially @YukoUlrich, @SelfishMeme, @NStroeymeyt, @judithmank
... I greatly appreciate all your help, time, patience, and I benefit all your wisdom!

Thanks for my PhD and postdoc advisors for their help along the way, to help shape my proposal and the help during the mock interview, especially @RobUnckless from @UnivOfKansas, Leo Beukeboom from @univgroningen and John Pannell from @unil.

Big thanks to colleagues & friends for many rounds of mock interviews: @bioboatr, John Kelly, @LenaHileman, @bdelloid & others from @KU_EEB; @SchwanderTanja
, Deborah Charlesworth, @DarrenJParker, @parisveltsos, @alexander_suh, @zhouqi1982, @MRovatsos, @Susananfreitas and Lukas Kratochvil. Read Moreā€¦