Evolutionary Genomics of Sex

Invited talks

Wen-Juan gives KU Center for genomics Early Career Researcher Seminar

This Friday, Wen-Juan will give a talk entitled "The evolutionary consequences and genetic mechanism of sex-ratio meiotic drive in
Drosophila affinis" at 4pm in the Commons at Spooner Hall.

Wen-Juan has been greatly enjoying her time at the
Rob Unckless lab, at @KUMolBio @KU_EEB @GenomicsKU! She is glad to know and learn a ton from so many colleagues and friends here 😃

She and her family would love to say goodbye & thank you all in person 🙏

Come and have a farewell drink with us 🍷🍺

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Wen-Juan Ma

Invited talk at PAG XXVIII conference in San Diego, CA, USA

I was delighted to give a talk in a fantastic section “#SexChromosomes and #SexDetermination” at the Plant and Animal Genome Conference XXVIII, #PAGXXVIII, organised by Prof. Ray Ming from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Many thanks for the invitation! Happy to talk about fungal sex chromosome evolution and #DifferentialExpression

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Departmental seminar at School of Biological Sciences at University of Aberdeen

I was lucky to be invited for a job interview for an Independent Research Fellow (tenure-track position).  This was a great experience, had fun talking to various faculty members, graduates and postdocs at School of Biological Sciences.

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Invited to give a talk at Evolution 2019 meeting

It was great to speak about the evolution of sex chromosomes and sex determination throughout frog development using RNA-seq approach, at Evolution meeting in Providence, Rhode Island in 06.2019
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Departmental seminar on ‘Evolution of Homomorphic Sex Chromosomes, Sex-biased Gene Expression in the Common Frog’ at Amherst College

Departmental seminar on ‘Evolution of Homomorphic Sex Chromosomes, Sex-biased Gene Expression in the Common Frog’ at Amherst College


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Excited to give a seminar on frog sex chromosome evolution at Department of Genetics and Ecology Evolution, Université Paris-Sud

Thanks so much for the opportunity! Thanks for the hosting by Tatiana Giraud and the whole team members. I am every excited to share and discuss my work on evolution of frog homomorphic sex chromosomes and sex-biased gene expression, at Seminaires IDEEV, department of Genetics and Ecology Evolution, Université Pairs-Sud. Thanks for the great discussions. Photo credit: Jade Bruxaux.

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