Evolutionary Genomics of Sex

Moved to the NEW Science Center Building

Since 01.Sep. 2018, the whole Biology Department moved to a brand new Science Center Building (25 East Drive, Amherst, MA 01002) in Amherst College. This new building is built on the basis of high energy sustainability with modern design style.

Science Centre under beautiful blue sky!


The inside view of highly energy saving design using natural light through giant windows!

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A happy coincidence of my two papers are online on the same day!

What a happy coincidence today! Thrilled to see our two frog sex chromosome evolution papers are out today! 1f64c 1f64c
Good chance to know more about evolution of sex-biased gene expression in early stage of sex chromosome evolution, and a crazy fast rate of sex chromosome turnover in true frogs. Check them out!

The article in Genome Biology:

The article in Nature Communications:
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